The After School



At Family Martial Arts After School the children are productive, in capable hands, in a caring environment.




The Family Martial Arts After School Program is a great way for parents to make the most of their children's after school hours. Our mission is to help children develop discipline, focus, confidence, goal setting skills, and respect. The children have designated homework and martial arts training, as well as free time for play, reading, and other activities. The After School rooms are stocked with books, games, and art supplies for the kids to use in their free time. 



Master Rebollar and the After School counselors provide stimulating, entertaining, and educational activities for the children so that by the time they are picked-up, they have exercised, done their homework, socialized, and are ready to relax at home with their families.


I'd like to tell you how happy we are with our son's development at your academy. The belt tests are always a great experience for him to show what he has learned and worked hard for. He will be recognized this month at his school for "demonstrating respect, kindness, and perseverance. He is improving in self-discipline and personal growth." This we believe is a direct result of his maturation in an environment that nurtures, encourages, and reinforces these traits. The environment he encounters everyday at your academy in the after school program. We are extremely proud of him and thrilled to be part of the academy! Carlos Gonzalez and Vanessa Muniz-Medina


I believe that my son has developed both physically and mentally while attending the Taekwondo & Hopkido academy after school program. His balance and coordination as well as his focus has shown significant improvement. He has always been a good child but is now expressing his respect and courtesy in every arena he partakes in be it school, home or in public. Thank you so much! Brad Dean



Our son loves being in the after school program at Family Martial Arts!  We have been in other Taekwondo programs that he did not like, but he really looks forward to going to this one and has learned so much.  I have been amazed by his progress, and feel really good about the skills and discipline he is learning.  And as a working mom, I love that they pick up at school.  Family Marital Arts has turned into a second home for my son and we are very grateful. ~Alison

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