The Martial Arts Program

Children & Adults




Our program offers Taekwondo and Hapkido classes for boys and girls 4 years old and up. Our core values, discipline, respect, and honor, are at the heart of our curriculum and the kids reflect these values in their behavior on the mat, at home, and at school. The classes incorporate vigorous physical training with precision skills and techniques instruction, giving the children a martial arts education that both challenges and inspires them every time they step on the mat.


Family Martial Arts classes are appropriate for adults of every age and fitness level. The benefits adult students derive from martial arts training include increased confidence, improved physical fitness, weight loss, mastery of self-defense techniques, sparring skills, and an expanded social community. The classes are physically challenging while also providing exceptional instruction in technique, giving students both an invigorating workout and an unrivaled martial arts education.

Advanced Academy students take pride in their roles as mentors to less experienced martial artists, willingly offering support and extra time to assist newer students. New students find a safe environment in which to learn and be challenged and advanced students have unlimited potential for growth and promotion in the martial arts.
If you have ever considered learning a martial art this is the place to do it. We look forward to welcoming you to Family Martial Arts NC!



•    Physical fitness
•    Strength and agility
•    Self-confidence
•    Self-respect
•    Self-discipline

•    Goal setting skills

•    Positive socialization
•    Self-defense skills



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