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Self-Discipline & Personal Growth

"I'd like to tell you how happy we are with our son's development at your academy. The belt tests are always a great experience for him to show what he has learned and worked hard for. He will be recognized this month at his school for "demonstrating respect, kindness, and perserverence. He is improving in self-discipline and personal growth." This we believe is a direct result of his maturation in an enviromnment that nurtures, encourages, and reinforces these traits. The environment he encounters everyday at your academy in the after school program. We are extremely proud of him and thrilled to be part of the academy!"  Carlos Gonzalez and Vanessa Muniz-Medina


Focus & Perseverence

'TKD has increased my sons ability to focus in school, showed him how to set goals and achieve them physically and academically and to never give up no matter how hard something is!...and, the staff is wonderful!Tanya & Brenden Vogel


Courtesy & Respect

"I believe that my son has developed both physically and mentally while attending the Taekwondo & Hopkido academy after school program. His balance and coordination as well as his focus has shown significant improvement. He has always been a good child but is now expressing his respect and courtesy in every arena he partakes in be it school, home or in public. Thank you so much!" Brad Dean


Upbeat & Positive Environment

"Family Martial Arts NC has been a wonderful place for our whole family to train. Master Rebollar provides an upbeat and energetic environment and his technical instruction is superb. All the instructors demonstrate a genuine passion for teaching to students of all levels, ages, and abilities...I would highly recommend this dojhang to anyone at ANY stage of their training!" Travis and Andrea Honeycutt


Role Models & Leadership

"Our kids have been training at Family Martial Arts for over two years. We have absolutely loved every minute of our time at the academy and every year training gets better and better! Master Misael has a perfect blend of nurturing and challenging leadership that sets the atmosphere for the entire academy. The lead instructors are fabulous and know how to push the kids to achieve their best. The Academy is a wonderful place to train and there are plenty of outstanding role models, including several very wonderful women who provide great leadership. I highly recommend the Academy!" Penny Gorden-Larsen

Commitment & Community

"We signed up for TKD because our neighbors did it and we thought, "Why not give it a shot?" What followed has been a remarkable transformation of our two young boys into dedicated and honorable young men. Through the thoughtful devotion of Master Misael and his staff our boys have found a community with discipline, honor, and respect that they are proud to be a part of. Our boys are now black belts and I can honestly say to every parent out there is is money well spent. You can't purchase pride, discipline, commitment, and hardwork, but at Family Martial Arts NC you can learn it and earn it. Our boys plan to make this a life-long commitment. We are very proud parents."
Will and Misty Davis


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